I created a couple of surveys, tested them out and all looked well.  A week later I turned them on to the public and they are not working. When you start the survey, it holds up with a "Please wait..." message.

In the debug console, I find an error in media/com_communitysurveys/js/cj.surveys_min.js line 202 ( "noUISlider" does not exist):

   var ctx = $(this).get(0);
   var answers = $.parseJSON(me.parent().find('.answers').html())   

Looking at other references in the file, it would appear it should be ctx.noUISlider.create(...  but that only turns the problem into an issue that create is not known.

The surveys do include slider questions.  It is possible that I upgraded the cjlib to the latest version after I finished my testing but before turning on the survey.

CommuntySurverys 5.2.2. THe versions on the library show as:

CjLib API 2.9.4

CjLib Library 2.8.4

CjLib Package 2.9.4 

As this was discuvered after an email campaign, I am under pressure to get this fixed fast.  I'll try to see if I can downgrade Cjlib.

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