I'm having a problem with "Please Wait" hanging on the last page of a survey. I've gone though the forum and seen this issue but I haven't been able to solve it. I have the latest versions of Community Surveys and CJLib. PDF attachment is turned off.

Can you help me please?


This is the error I get with Google dev tools:

cj.surveys.min.js.pa….jm.NRAbAuo9bO.js:2 Uncaught TypeError: rating.barrating is not a function

    at HTMLSelectElement.<anonymous> (cj.surveys.min.js.pa….jm.NRAbAuo9bO.js:2)

    at Function.each (jquery.min.js,qdc961….jm.brnU6VEDeW.js:1)

    at a.fn.init.each (jquery.min.js,qdc961….jm.brnU6VEDeW.js:1)

    at Object.CjSurveyApi.loadResponsePageComponents (cj.surveys.min.js.pa….jm.NRAbAuo9bO.js:2)

    at Object.CjSurveyApi.onAfterSaveResponse (cj.surveys.min.js.pa…jm.NRAbAuo9bO.js:10)

    at Object.CjSurveyApi.executeFunctionByName (cj.surveys.min.js.pa…jm.NRAbAuo9bO.js:13)

    at Object.success (cj.surveys.min.js.pa…jm.NRAbAuo9bO.js:13)

    at Object.t.success (eval at <anonymous> (surveys:1), <anonymous>:1:9752)

    at u (jquery.min.js,qdc961….jm.brnU6VEDeW.js:1)

    at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.min.js,qdc961….jm.brnU6VEDeW.js:1)

(anonymous) @ cj.surveys.min.js.pa….jm.NRAbAuo9bO.js:2

each @ jquery.min.js,qdc961….jm.brnU6VEDeW.js:1

each @ jquery.min.js,qdc961….jm.brnU6VEDeW.js:1

CjSurveyApi.loadResponsePageComponents @ cj.surveys.min.js.pa….jm.NRAbAuo9bO.js:2

CjSurveyApi.onAfterSaveResponse @ cj.surveys.min.js.pa…jm.NRAbAuo9bO.js:10

CjSurveyApi.executeFunctionByName @ cj.surveys.min.js.pa…jm.NRAbAuo9bO.js:13

success @ cj.surveys.min.js.pa…jm.NRAbAuo9bO.js:13

t.success @ VM17724:1

u @ jquery.min.js,qdc961….jm.brnU6VEDeW.js:1

fireWith @ jquery.min.js,qdc961….jm.brnU6VEDeW.js:1

C @ jquery.min.js,qdc961….jm.brnU6VEDeW.js:1

n @ jquery.min.js,qdc961….jm.brnU6VEDeW.js:1

XMLHttpRequest.send (async)

send @ jquery.min.js,qdc961….jm.brnU6VEDeW.js:1

ajax @ jquery.min.js,qdc961….jm.brnU6VEDeW.js:1

eval @ VM17724:1

e.fn.ajaxSubmit @ VM17724:1

CjSurveyApi.submitAjaxForm @ cj.surveys.min.js.pa…jm.NRAbAuo9bO.js:13

onclick @ surveys:216


The survey is located here.

Any and all help is appreciated!

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