HI Maverick, 

Learning fast on the working of the community survey. But as I am learning, I bump into questions that are probably easy to answer but not easy to find here in the forum. 

  1. I cleared/cleaned all entries of my first survey, as they were all test entries. Though this does not clean the "number" that shows the responses in the dashboard.  Is it possible/necessary to reset that? 
  2. There is the possibliity of the showing of the confidentiality message. Is it possible to change this message? If so where? (I want a Dutch message over there. ) 
  3. I am Dutch and have a Dutch public, can I change the language of the buttons? 

The software has the same approach as the Forum software, that makes it pleasantly recognizable. 

Cheers, Jim 

p.s. is there a really well tutorial somewhere on regular expressions? 

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