Hi again,

So my simple survey has now become more complicated.

I have a YES / NO question and depending on the answer I have to show a different "group" of 4 or 5 questions (each a different type).

As I don't think we can "nest" questions, and after reading through quite a few forum posts, it seems that using "conditional rule" > go to specific page" is the best choice, with the "YES dependant" questions on one page and the "NO dependant" questions on another page, let's call them the "YES" page and the "NO" page.

(I have read about disactivating "previous" navigation to stop the user going to the wrong page).

So I have :

Page 1 - Main YES / NO question

Page 2 - "Yes dependant" questions

Page 3 - "No dependant" questions

Page 4- rest of survey etc.

If my user answers YES to the main question, they go to page 2, this is fine, and if they answer NO to the main question, they go the Page 3, this is fine, BUT if they answer YES to the main question, how can I stop them seeing Page 3 (the "no dependant" questions), as once they have completed Page 2 and they click "Next", they will be taken to Page 3 ?

Users answering YES to the main question on Page 1 should not see Page 3, and vice versa, users answering NO to the main question on Page 1 should not see Page 2....

I have already tried making each question conditionally show based on the fact that the previous question has been completed but that doesn"t work if users skip questions and we can't have required questions when there are conditional questions... (yes I've been trying to solve this for a few hours now...)

I really like this component and I want to utilise it. I know I can achieve the requred "form" result using RSFORM pro but then I lose all of the data collation functions that Community Surveys has.

I hope this is clear and that there is a solution (it's a shame you can't nest questions).




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