Hi there,

I am setting up a survey and the answers are images. On desktop, they line up nicely as 2 rows of 5 images (10 voting options in total). On mobile they go into a single column that is left justified. It doesn't look great, see pic attached.

Is there a way for the images to be centralised when on mobile?

I tried 'float: center' on '#cj-wrapper ul.image-thumbnails.image_picker_selector li' in '/media/com_cjlib/imagepicker/image-picker.css'  which does make it centralised and look good on a phone - but then it's also only 1 image per row on desktop which looks silly.

Not sure of what else to try.

17588_1_Screenshot_2020-07-09 Vote.png (You do not have access to download this file.)
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