I'm hoping to use Community Surveys Pro to collect post-training feedback. I need to share the Consolidated Report with users who have not taken survey (group managers etc). A number of my questions are Text fields, and the report will only show a few before the 'Show All Responses' is needed to see the rest.

So far I can't find a way to share the hidden responses. As an Administrator or Survey Author I can see them ok, they are revealed in a pop-up. But how do I share with non-admin? If I use the PDF download, the report still shows the same restricted view and of course the Show All Responses icon is inactive. If I use the Consolidated Report Module, the modal view of all responses does not load. I'd prefer to just be able to share a link to the survey report without having to set up a dedicated module each time, or download a pdf that contains all responses.

Hope you can help,


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