In source language I did add text into the textarea "End of Survey Message".

After I did open translation of the survey to add "End of Survey Message" in foreign language. After doing so I did delete it because I could not edit it because it was link. I reported this problem here:


I did open Search Tools and set filter to "trashed" because I wanted to get back the translation I deleted before. But it's not in trashed items. It's gone. And I did not use "Empty Trash" button!


After I wanted to add "End of Survey Message" in foreigen language manually but there is no "Add" and no "New" button.

Fact is, I can't get back "End of Survey Message" in foreign language.


How can I get it back?




Edit: I got it back by changing the -2 into 1 directly in database:

db listing


 But still: Deleted translations should be visible in trashcan.



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