I want to have a simple Yes/No/Don't know poll using the Survey Forms module on a webpage to record answers and show the results with the consolidated report module.

The problem: Forms module are not recording answers (empty responses). Using Global Survey Link works fine, and 3 answers are showing at the moment, while there are 22 responses in total.

The test page can be viewed here: https://ytf2.no/aktuelt_/29-nyheter/buss/145-valg-av-avdelingstillitsvalgt-for-rpv

Global Survey Link (actually recording answers): https://ytf2.no/index.php?option=com_communitysurveys&view=survey&id=4&catid=42&Itemid=194&skey=vPlwoW28iPJ4TY8h

Using the Global Survey Link records answers that can be viewed in the consolidated report by refreshing the test page. Private Survey setting is set to "No"

Do you know how to fix this?


with best regards,

Dag Eldar Tangen

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