I just created my first survey with Community Survey. When I use the survey URL to see it on the front end, it is bringing up our website homepage and the survey is showing up in the middle of the page... See print screen below.

You can also see it here:https://www.winescholarguild.org/communitysurveys?id=1&skey=3AFRXuKtZtDFBLBM&view=survey

Am I doing something wrong?


Thank you!


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  • Re: Front end: survey in the middle of the homepage

    by » 3 months ago

    Looks like you did not create any menu items, so it is using your homepage menu item id. This is the default behavior in Joomla.

    To show the surveys on their own pages, create menu item for the survey category menu type. You need not show these menu items on your site, just create a new menus and add them there.

    Btw.. the survey toolbar CSS does not looks proper. May be your template is using bootstrap 3 or bootstrap 4. Try changing the Default Layout option in the component integration options.

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