Hi, I have successfully added the Community Survey add-on to my AcyMailing Starter (version 7.5.0). My Content-Surveys plugin is enabled as well. I've tried creating a template email using both methods of adding the Unique Survey URL which is 1) drag-dropping the corejoomla survery icon to the editor and also 2) just adding the code {LOADSURVEY:2}.  I got the emails but following were the results:

Method 1: When I hover my mouse to the survey link, the URL does not take me to the survey. I noticed that it takes me to a wrong URL. It seems to be my current URL and it appends the survey code at the end.

Method 2: The text {LOADSURVEY:2} just appears in the email but does not link to anything.

Your guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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