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I've just downloaded and installed the Article Suggestions plugin. However, it doesn't seem to properly displaying.

When I give Bootstrap Tabs, the tabs are displayed, but they don't work when I click them.

When I use Jquery, the tabs are not shown at all. There seems to be some jquery conflict. I have a Facebook comment system which displays both FB and site comments. The tabs styling are displayed on the comment system (which already have tabs).

I've currently set it to Bootstrap. The website:

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  • Re: Article Suggestion

    by » 8 years ago

    Also in some cases the author articles don't seem to be correct. Here's an example:

  • Re: Article Suggestion

    by » 8 years ago

    This is because you are using very old version of jQuery on your template (v1.5.x). this is causing the earlier loaded scripts (which needs greater version) fail and produce error. And so Article Suggestions plugin cannot execute its scripts as well. I am not sure which part of your components/plugins loading 1.5.x but I guess it is CB. Try to get up-to date versions from its developers. You should have at least jQuery v1.7 version.

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