I know that because I have made some changes to the code to switch from the wysiwysbb editor to the default wysiwyg editor, my support has ended :) but as this is an improvement and maybe an easy fix please stay with me...
Because I had a lot of profiles already on html the bbcode editor was for me just not useful, besides that the user is used to working with the default wysiwyg editor and not with the bbcode editor.

just noticed that I have an issue:
when a user edits his/her 'about me' profile: the wysiwyg editor just works fine, but changes made to the profile are not saved (no error prompted). When a new user tries it, the editor works just fine, but the profile cannot be saved.
The following message is prompted (it is in dutch so I made a translation):
Error! missing required fields, please try again

the 'about me' info is not saved.
When I hide (via [hide/show] above editor) the editor, I am able to save the profile and afterwards edit (but not save) the profile with the editor enabled.

Is there something that I missed when I made those changes?

This is what I changed:
in file: components/com_cjblog/views/users/tmpl/default.php
<div class="muted padbottom-5"><?php echo CJFunctions::substrws(CJFunctions::parse_html($user['about'], false, false, false));?></div>

and in file: components/com_cjblog/views/profile/tmpl/default.php
change wysiwygbb into wysiwyg (without bb)

Hope somebody can point my in the right direction to solve this :)

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  • Re: [fixed] wysiwyg 'about me' editor error

    by » 5 years ago

    Find below code in media/com_cjblog/js/cjblog.min.js and find below code.

    After that add
    if(typeof tinymce != 'undefined'){
    tinymce.triggerSave(true, true);

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  • Re: [fixed] wysiwyg 'about me' editor error

    by » 5 years ago

    Hi Maverick, thanks a lot for looking into this!
    Just tried it and it didn't work, I am using JCE editor and appearently there is a hack needed.
    Found on a developer website that the line should read: tinymce.triggerSave(); (without the parameters)
    if(typeof tinymce != 'undefined'){
    tinymce.triggerSave(); /* omit parameters true, true because of jce save fix*/

    Tried that and... fixed :)
    Thanks for your continued support and for making our website look good and professional to our website users :)))))

    Sharing = Caring ㋛

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