Hello Maverick,

Thanks for the amazing support, for all your users. It's incredible.
I just got four last questions before my site is ready to go with the community crossword component:

1. When I click on the "Save"-button in the Add keyword popup, nothing happens. Any clues why?

2. What does the "Advanced setup" button do in the "Make crossword"-page? When I click it, it just disappears.

3. Do the users have the possibility to choose which questions to be added in the users crossword?
Or does the crossword just automatic randomly choose it?

4. Is it possible to make a image link to the "send keyword" popup/page?
http://norrut.nu/underhallning/korsord#keyword_form didn't work to add as a link!

The crossword page on my site can you find here: link to my website

Thanks in advance,
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