V4.0.4 - GPSTools Track Information (Track detail view) : I'd like to Hide DOWNLOAD TRACK Message at bottom when Download is Disable by GPSTOOLS OPTIONS...

GPSTools display mesage to download track after looging, but Download is DISABLE !?..

NOW, to HIDE Download message, I use' two options:

A/ File: components/com_gpstools/views/track/tmpl/default.php
Comment: line 51
“ //*** echo TracksHelper::renderLayout($layout.'.track.download', array('data'=>$this));”


B/ Rename file « download.php » en « download_OLD.php »
File: components/com_gpstools/layouts/default(or bootstrap3)/track/download.php

Better way is "A" to comment call to “download.php” file, in the view directory

Thks, Gil


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