Hi Maverick,

In our implementation we integrate the GPSTOOLS-extension in the EVENTSBOOKING-extension. As i mentioned before this is working perfectly. In EVENTSBOOKING you can add a long and short description. For the long description de GPSCONTEXT-plugin with complete description (with map and so on) is ok. For the short description I would like to shorten this. Thats why I have made the following change in plugins\content\gpstools\gpstools.php.

$content = $content . TracksHelper::renderLayout($layout.'.track.map', array('data'=>$data));
$content = $content . TracksHelper::renderLayout($layout.'.track.charts', array('data'=>$data));
$content = $content . TracksHelper::renderLayout($layout.'.track.stats', array('data'=>$data));
$content = $content . TracksHelper::renderLayout($layout.'.track.waypoints', array('data'=>$data));
$content = $content . TracksHelper::renderLayout($layout.'.track.download', array('data'=>$data));

The yellow marked text has been added by me. By adding "nomap":1 to the GPSCONTENT-text the map, charts, stats, waypoints and download-button will be removed. This was exactly what I wanted.

Would it be possible to add this to this plugin?

Kind regards, Hans

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