The info window shows the text added to a track description in GPS tracks module. The track listing only shows the introtekst when selected in te configuration. what is shown is based on the setting in the configuration of GPSTools module. The number of characters selected are shown. So sometimes the introtekst is partly shown because the number of characters is exceeded. If it is not selected nothing is shown in the listing.

If a lot of text is added to the description or pictures, or video are added, visualisation in the infowindow dows not have the best possible user experience. 

I would like to use the read more function for both visuals, and would like to be able to configure so it behaves the same way for both the lising and the info window. So if someone adds a tracks. So if selected for tracks the behaviour for both representations is the same. Just like in Joomla itself tou can choose to show the introtekst or not. It is available in the configuration of GPS tools, so why not use it!

The option to open a track in a new window is a nice to have feature as well. You can do it by a right klik of course, but offering this functionality would be nice.

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