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Do you have a manual for the GPS tool for Joomla? I've tried using the tool, but always get the same 'error message':

Notice: Undefined variable: limit in F:\usb webserver\root\onze reizen\administrator\components\com_gpstools\models\gpstools.php on line 73


Peter Vreys
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  • Re: GPS Tool for joomla

    by » 11 years ago

    These are common messages you will get if you enable error reporting level to Notice. Try setting PHP error_reporting value to E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE

    There is no manual as of now as it is fairly new component. Will add documentation in coming days. For now, please write here all queries that you have and I will clarify them.

    Here are few FAQs:

    1. You can use GPS Tools to display tracks & information from GPX/KML/TCX file formats.

    2. Make sure you set create permissions in your GPS Tools configuration in order to allow users to upload these files. You can select multiple user groups by press and hold CTRL button and select values using mouse button.

    3. Make sure you created a menu item for GPS tools and published on any of your active menu so that you can access the component.

    4. Save your component configuration at least once before accessing component.

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