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Category: Feature Requests & Suggestions 10 years ago
Hey Maverick,

Would love the component to displays markers of the start points of all the tracks uploaded/active. This would mean parsing the gps file and retrieving the start lat/long data. Maybe show this map GPSTools frontpage.

Minimap in fontend showning start marker instead of user avatar.

A module with latest/random tracks displayed with minimap and marker as above.

Also add track lenght in frontend and make sortable so user can sort short/longest tracks on GPSTools frontpage.

Ability for author to grade the difficulty of the track. Maybe star system 1-easy...5-extreme, also make this sortable on GPSTools frontpage

Ability for users to grade track from frontend, 1-bad...5-excellent, maybe also make this sortable on GPSTools frontpage

Ability for admin to choose weather to show discription above or below map.

Thanks for your time
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