Hello Maverick,

I just bought and installed GPSTools. I see many problems that I will try to submit to you.

************** Map display
- The .kml files are not displayed either with OSM or GoogleMaps, just like the elevation profile. See on your demo site the track E5. La vallée du Haut Zat GPX => https://demo.corejoomla.com/tracks/trekking-routes/51-e5-la-vallée-du-haut-zat.html

- GPX files are well displayed with GoogleMaps, in the component as with the plugin. But, with OSM, they are not displayed in the component whereas the plugin displays them well.

************** Profiles
- With GPX trace files, no problem (<trk> and <trkpt> tags).

- With GPX files of routes (<rte> and <rtept> tags), the elevation of the first point of the route is always 0, whatever the indication of the <ele> tag. The total distance is well calculated, as well as the number of route points. All other indications are at 0. See on your demo site the track E5. La vallée du Haut Zat GPX => https://demo.corejoomla.com/tracks/trekking-routes/52-e5-la-vallée-du-haut-zat-land-gpx.html

*************** Translation
Your forum (https://www.corejoomla.com/forum/support/gps-tools/17418-gpstools-french-language-100-completed.html) says "French language 100% complete". But the folder FR_fr is not in the package!

Thank you for helping me to solve these problems that make GPXTools unusable!


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