Profile - Edit option does not open up

Category: Sociable 3 months ago


I installed Sociable just now. In the Profile tab, when I click on Edit profile.. I just get the three dots moving. It does not open up the edit profile tab even after waiting for 5 to 10 minutes... It works on your demo site. So I might have not done correct configuration. Please help.


P.S.: Up to now I have had CJForum and I did a sync of user profiles in Sociable.

P.S.: I have also granted Edit and Edit Own permissions to the user group to which my users belong.

P.S.: I have checked with keep Avatar system as CJForum as well as keeping Avatar system as Sociable

P.S.: In the administrator backend, I see the users imported in the User menu but in the Profiles menu - it is empty.

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