CjBlog is not just a blogging tool, but a complete social blogging platform. Instead of reinventing whole wheel, it simply adopts Joomla® articles to the social blogging platform.

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Categories Listing

Laverages Joomla® nested categories to a new level with beautiful table display.

Buil-in Submission Form

Built-in form to submit blogs with limited fields that only needed for everyone.

Mobile Ready

Not just looks but also behaves great on smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Community Blogs

Dedicated blog page for each blogger makes it so personnel and are stick on to your website.

Categories Limit Support

Don't want blogging on all categories? CjBlog is flexible enough to limit itself to only selected categories.


Adds 5 start ratings capability to Joomla articles with stunning new look of your article decorated with header and footer.

Blogger Listings

Convenient way to access new and popular bloggers linked to their CjBlog profiles all under a built-in powerful profile system.

Categories Tree Module

Display all your Joomla® categories in a nice looking expandable tree module*. *Part of Community Tools package.

Article Listings

Browse all your site articles from single location. Latest, popular, trending articles can be browsed right from toolbar.

Points System

Award points to your users with built-in points system support. Integrated with Cj products and more to come soon.

Avatars Support

Built-in avatar system support. If you are already using another, we have plenty of integration options too.

User Profiles

Built-in user profile system support. Already using some other profile tool? No problem, we have integrations for most popular ones.

Badge System

Award badges to your users on each milestone with built-in Badge system. More third party ingrations will come soon.

Social Sharing

Don't let the free traffic go away. Make most of the social networks with Facebook like, Twitter tweet, Google +1 buttons etc.
  • Latest articles, popular articles and trending articles listings available.
  • Article listings made more colorful with image thumbnails.
  • You can tag articles with easy to use tags and browse articles by tags.
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PHP 5.3 or greater with magic_quotes_gpc turned off, MySQL 5.x and Joomla® 3.5.6 or later. For multi-language support, mbstring should be available.
Yes, you need a valid user account to download the files. Signup for a free account to get started with.