Community driven fitness and wellness app for Joomla!. Fitbit integration with challenges, profiles, personal goals and more.

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No Coding Required

CjFit lets you to integrate Fitbit API without needing a single line of code. We take care of doing complex background tasks, you just display your users fitness data with simple setup.

One Click Integration

Install the app and enter Fitbit API keys and you are good to go. No complex setup required. CjFit is easy to use and the sametime full featured integration for your Fitbit user data.

Beautiful charts

CjFit comes with a dashboard to show user activity with beautiful charts. CjFit is designed to show what is needed, on a single page dashboard.

Daily activity

Dashboard shows a quick glance at the user steps activty over a period of a month, a quick look at the current day activity of steps, distance, calories and active minutes.

Workouts so far today

CjFit syncs user activity with fitbit every hour, the dashboard shows the quick look at the user activity so far today with the number of steps, distance walked and so on.


Compare Top Users

Show the users who are doing more workouts, encourage users to be on top of the list by giving the rank on everyday.

Leaderboard Types

Show leaderboard based on most number of steps walked, or distance covered or calories burned in a day. Gather statistics of everyday leaders for future use.

Dashboard and Module

The leaderboard is available on dashboard page as well as a Joomla! module that can be shown on any page. The user avatars are automatically linked to their dashboard page.

Challenge Users

Challenge your users to reach predefined goals. Further stream their achievements to your social extensions such as CjForum, EasySocial, JomSocial and Community Builder.

Simple to Complex Challenges

Create simple challenges such as walk 6000 steps in a day. Or build a complex challenge with multiple criteria such as steps, distance, calories and active minutes.

Reward for Winning Challenges

Reward your users by giving points for winning the challenges and encourage to do more workouts. Use your existing points component with CjFit one-click integration.


Notifications for All

Send notifications for all important activities such as user reaching a particular personal goal or winning a challenge defined by you.

Online Editor

Edit your email templates using your Joomla! editor. You can customize the templates with simple placeholders that will be replaced before sending emails to you or your users.

Scallable Message Queue

The messaging system can be scallable, be it a small website or a large one. The notifications are queued in CjLib and will be sent in a queued process. You don't need to worry about your host limits on sending emails.

Leaderboard Module

Shows top users on your website who are doing more workouts. You can choose to display the users by most steps, distance or active minutes.

Steps Summary Module

A simple module to show summary of the user workouts. Last 10 days workouts summary can be shown using this module including the steps walked of defined personal goal, distance calories and averages etc.

Steps List Module

A simple module to show last 10 days summary of user steps activity and compare to the personal goals set by the user. Optionally you can show user avatar along with the total steps walked in lifetime.

Challenges Module

Challenges module shows list of challenges active on your site. The defined title and description of the challenges are shown using this simple module.


Award Points

Reward your users for reaching personal goals or winning challenges. All popular points systems such as CjForum. CjBlog, Alpha/Alta User Points, EasySocial, JomSocial etc are already integrated.

Activity Streams

Stream activity such as reaching goals or winning challenges to your already existing social component. CjFit has one-click integration with CjForum, JomSocial and EasySocial.

User Avatars

Use your existing social component avatars with CjFit with easy integration. CjForum, CjBlog, Kunena, Community Builder, EasySocial, JomSocial, EasyProfile, Alpha/Alta User Points and Gravatar are already integrated.

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