Community Answers

Joomla! Q&A component to create full featured question and answers sytem. Questions/answers rating, bounties, social integrations and more features out of the box.

Q&A and Faqs

Easily add Q&A and FAQs system to your website with more powerful features available at no additional cost.

User friendly design

The component is designed with user friendly interface to easily access all features even for the beginners.

Faster performance

Designed with simplicity in mind. The code is light weight, loads and runs faster. Runs on shared hosting as well.

Modern User Interface

Add question and answers or faqs feature to your Joomla! powered website with clean and modern user interface. Enabled with Bootstrap UI, you can quickly switch bootstrap color themes.

Toolbar & Shortcuts

Quickly access all pages of the component with the accessible toolbar. With dropdown menus of all required shortcuts, it is neatly arranged in very less space and uncluttered.

Customize the listings

Trending, featured and unanswered listings are shown in tabs for easy access. Further you can customize the list items and enable or disable different elements such as user avatars, description etc.

Comments & Ratings

With built-in comments system users can quickly comment on the questions and answers. It is the quick way to get the clarification about the questions before the user can post their answer.

Upvotes and downvotes

Allow users to rate the questions and answers by upvoting or downvoting. Further award points for the votes. With most rated answers shown on top, vistors will always see the top rated answers first.

Social sharing & bookmarking

Allow users to share the questions on their favorite social networks and bookmark them. Most popular social sharing services buttons are provided on the question page.

Unlimited Categories

With the built-in support for Joomla! category system, you can build a robust structure of your questions.

Multilevel categories

Create unlimited multilevel categories and organize all your questions into them. Quickly manage all categories at once.

Category level permissions

Configure permissions at each category for asking questions or answering to questions.

Bounty System

Not getting good answers? Reward users with bounties and get the best answers to your questions.

Award points

With built-in integration with popular Joomla! points system extensions, you can allow users to earn points and use them for creating bounties.

Bounty automation

Automatically award points for best answers or return points when no answer given after certain time period.

Question Form

Simple yet powerful form for creating questions. Question suggestions, Joomla! editor support, attachments and more.

Question suggestions

Shows existing questions when users started typing their question thereby avoids duplicate questions created.

Joomla! editor support

Create the full HTML enabled questions answers with the Joomla! WYSIWYG editor support. 


Users can attach allowed types of pictures and documents and can subscribe to the questions from the question form while they are creating the question.

Email Templates

Customize the content of each email sent from the component.

Customize with editor support

Customize the email templates with full HTML editor support

Multi-language support

Create different emails for each language and they are automatically selected based on user languge.

Addons and Modules

The component bundled with most needed modules and plugins.


Publish important statics of your Q&A system, show latest or popular questions, top users or question categories on any module position you want.


The extension comes with all required integrations plugins to support activities, emails etc.

Advanced Search

Community Answers has inbuilt search page to search questions.

Search page

With the built-in search page, users can search precisely whatever the content they want.

Search & finder plugins

Adds search questions support to your existing Joomla smart search component.


Get notified about all activities on questions and answers.

Subscribe to questions and categories

Users can subscribe to categories and questions of their interest and manage their subscriptions from a dedicated page.

Get notified

All subscribed users will get notified with email notifications when the subscribed activity is performed on them.

Our Membership Plans

We have flexible pricing plans. Choose the extension you want or save money by puchasing one of our curated bundles.

Community Answers


Billed annually
  • Community Answers
  • Technical support for one site
  • Auto updates for one site
  • Unlimited websites
  • Includes addons and plugins
  • 30% renewal discount

Feedback Bundle

4 extensions, Save 40%

Billed annually
  • Community Answers
  • Community Surveys
  • Community Polls
  • Community Quotes
  • Support for 1 site
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All in One Bundle

All extensions, Save 75%

Billed annually
  • All corejoomla extensions included
  • Technical support for 3 sites
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  • 30% renewal discount

30 day money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied

Frequently Asked Questions

We consolidated and answered few questions most frequently asked by our customers, please read the them below.
  • Can I use the extension after my membership expires?

    Absolutely. Our extensions will never expire once you installed them on your site. You can use them as long as you wish.

  • Can I allow to edit source code of the component?
  • Can I renew my membership before it expires?
  • There was an error occurred while I am making payment, what should I do now?
  • Do I get refund if I do not want to continue with the product?