Community Quiz Pro

An intuitive quizzes solution with Ajax driven Quiz Builder, social integrations such as points, activity streams, profiles etc.

$ 75.00

  • 1 year download access and technical support for 1 site.
  • Unlimited domain usage and no restrictions.
  • 40% discount if renewed before the membership expiry.
Compatibility: v3 v4 Beta

Mobile Ready

Not just looks but also behaves great on smartphones, tablets and desktops. Supports Bootstrap v2, v3 and v4.

Multiple Question Types

Supports images, checkboxes, radio buttons, grids, text boxes, richtext boxes and more.

Advanced Reports

Consolidated report, browser stats, CSV downlaods, view individual response and many more reports helps you track your quiz progress

Chained Quizzes

Build a full fledged learning system with chained quizzes which allows users to take one quiz after other.

PDF Certificates

Award PDF certificates to the users who passed the quizzes. Unlimited customizable certificates.

Powerful ACL

Protect your content with powerful ACL system. Define permission for each user group for different actions.

Quiz Ratings

Add 5 star ratings system to your quizzes and make quiz feature more interesting.

Tagging System

Flexible tagging allows more organized content and explore questions with ease.

Nested Categories

With unlimited nested categories support, your content is more organized and manageable.


Get full control on what you write. Use your Joomla® WYSIWYG editor or bundled BBCode editor.

Answer Explanation

Display a detailed explanation about correct answer after responding to quiz, useful in knowledge bases, online tutors etc.

Questions & Pagination

Create unlimited questions, group them in unlimited number of pages and describe each page with page header.

Email Notifications

You can enable email notifications when someone respond to your quiz or create a new quiz etc.

Front-end Quiz Creation

Allows you/your users to create quizzes right from front-end using Ajax powered form builder, backed by powerful ACL.

Points System

Award points to users. Supports CJForum, CjBlog, EasySocial, JomSocial, Alpha/Alta User Points.

Badge System

Assign badges to the loyal users for different milestones. Well integrated with CjBlog badges system.

Activity Stream

Keep users notified with activity stream. Supports CjForum, EasySocial, JomSocial.

Social Sharing

Don't let the free traffic go away. Make most of the social networks with Facebook like, Twitter tweet, Google +1 buttons etc.

Avatars Support

Comes with built-in support for multiple third party avatar components to choose from and if you don't have any Gravatar is the perfect choice.

User Profiles

Integrates perfectly with popular Joomla® profile extensions such as CjForum, CjBlog, EasySocial, JomSocial, Kunena.

CSV Downloads

Quick view of each individual response with score and download entire responses to CSV if you wish.

Ajax Form Builder

Create quizzes in web 2.0 interface like never before all in a power-packed Ajax form builder.

Full-screen Quizzes

]You can choose whether your quiz should be displayed with or without your template. Great for taking response on full screen.

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During the subscription process, we collect personally identifiable information: both the information you fill in the subscription form yourself and information collected automatically (IP address, your country based on your IP address and your browser's user agent string). This is a legal requirement per European Directive 2011/83/EU; we are required to collect it to prove to the tax authorities that we have charged you the correct tax amount. This information is considered part of the invoicing information of your transaction and cannot be erased until we are legally allowed to remove invoices, typically 10 years after the transaction has taken place.
PHP 5.6 or later with magic_quotes_gpc turned off (PHP 7.2 or later is recommended), MySQL 5.x and Joomla® 3.7 or later (Joomla latest version is recommended). For multi-language support, mbstring should be available.
Yes. All our extensions licensed under Gnu/GPL. That means you are free to use the extension as per your choice.
Yes, none of our source code is encrypted and you are free to make any modifications.
We give you 40% discount if you renew your account before it expires.
Your renewed membership will start only after your current membership expires.
Please make sure if your bank account is deducted with the amount and check your PayPal account. If the transaction is made, please do get in touch with us through the Contact Us page and we will help you.
Have problems working with the extension, please do contact us and we are happy to help you. If you still want a refund, send us your billing details and we will process the refund in 5 business days. Refunds will be accepted only for the new members who requested a refund within 31 days of the transaction. Please note that the PayPal transaction fees are not refunded according to the PayPal terms and conditions which is approximately 5.5% of the total amount.
Of course yes. However technical support is limited to one domain of your choice.