Community Tools

Tiny but most useful tools for your community websites including Article Suggestions, CjBlog Categories and Leaderboard.

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Mobile Ready

Not just looks but also behaves great on smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Carefully Crafted

Desgined carefully with your community websites in mind, these tools adds more convenience.

Social Features

Not just display what they designed for, but also does much more like social integrations etc.

Avatars Support

Supports most popular avatar systems out there in the market. Just integrate with existing one.

Thumbnails Support

Supports thumbnails picked up from the images in your articles. And compliments with a brief intro taken from your article.

Tabbed Listings

It doesn't need much real estate on your website. Perfectly fits with built-in support for tabbed display of all article listings.

Module & Plugin

A module and plugin combo to perfectly fit all your needs. While module can be published any position, plugin directly sits below your articles.

Multiple Listings

Latest Articles, Popular Articles, Category Articles, Author Articles, Related Articles. All with a stunning set of features.

Related Articles

Display related articles fetched not just based on meta keywords but also on article titles. No hassles of fighting with meta tags.

Category Tree

Nice looking and expandable Joomla® categories fully integrated with CjBlog articles listings.

Module Positions

Conveniently display on any module position and redirect users from any page to your articles.

Auto-select Category

When in CjBlog category listings, it automatically selects the right category and highlights it.

Leaders of Week/Month

Displays top users of current and/or last month/week. Automatically refreshes on next week/month.

Avatars Support

Supports most popular avatar systems out there in the market. Just integrate with existing one.

Points System

CjBlog points and Alpha User Points systems are supported.

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