Joomla! social networking component to build next generation community website with social connections, user groups, user profiles, activity streams and many more features out of the box.

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Experience next generation social networking platform for Joomla!, built on the MVC design.

One page design

We took the clues from modern web design concepts and built the robust platform for better experience.

Faster performance

Designed with simplicity in mind. The code is light weight, loads and runs faster. Runs on shared hosting as well.

Activity Streams

Connect everyone on your website with their activity displayed on the activity stream. People can post status and other updates, share them with their connections.

Status, photos, events & videos

A simple status form allow the users to post their status, what they are thinking or some photos, videos or events.

Privacy enabled

Users have full control on what content other people can seeand restrict content to friends and acquaintances.

Infinity scroll

No more clicking and moving to next page, activity stream is enabled with infinity scrolling.

Built-in user profiles

With built-in GDPR compliant user profile system, show all user data, avatars, intro and integrates well with many known Joomla! extensions.

User avatars

Add user avatars feature to your website. Avatar system has an API to integrate any third party Joomla! extension.


Show the content submitted by the user across your component with integration into profile apps.

All user data on one page

Photos, activity, user connections, user points, badges, referrals - user profile is one page your users will love.


Privacy is the primary focus of Sociable and has all tools needed to enforce content restrictions on user data.

Privacy on status updates

Users can select who all can view their status updates by selecting the privacy option.

Data generated by extensions

Sociable can be integrated with other Joomla! extensions and the activities can be posted by them. Users have full control over the data owned by them.

Quick Status Form

A simple form to post any status updates or whatever in the users are thinking about. This is a quickest way to create some activity on your activity stream and alert their connections.

Status updates

Simple text area where users can type anything in their mind and post them to their connections or public.

Photos, albums and videos

Users can upload photos, youtube videos and optionally create photo album with multiple photos with drag and drop upload form.


Users can create events with the location on the map and event details such as dates and event description.

User Profile Plugins

User profile is extended with robust plugin system and sevaral plugins are bundled with the package.

Photos and albums

Shows user submitted photos and their albums and allow them to create and manage them from this widget.

User connections

Users can manage their friends and followers from this plugin and approve friend requests.

Login & Registration Pages

Sociable comes with custom registration and login pages to offer seamless user experience. Can be enabled with simple plugin.

Login page

Automatically replaces user existing user login form with clean and modern login form.

Registration page

Supports the multiple profiles and custom field groups of the profiles. Users can fill in all data related to their profile on the form with simple guided steps.

User Groups

Sociable has built-in community groups feature which allows like-minded people connect and discuss on topics of interest.

Connect on groups

Users can create their own groups and allow others to join them. Group members can create and reply to topics.

Public and private groups

Users can designate their groups as private which are not shown on groups listings.

Badge System

Award badges to your users based on their activity on your site. Define your own rules to control how the users can win the badges. Awarded badges can be shown on the user profile using bundled badges profile plugin.

Custom badge rules

Badge rules are flexible, you define how many times an activity needs to be performed by the user to get the badge. Define your own badge image or CSS class name.

Automatic assignments

Badges are automatically assigned as and when the users reached the levels defined by you. No manual intervention needed.

Multiple Profiles & Fields

Sociable supports multiple profiles which can be assigned at the time of registration automatically or manually from backend.

Profile fields

Define multiple fields using Joomla! custom fields. The fields system supports all your favorite Joomla and third party custom field types.

Multiple profiles

Group fields into field groups and assign them to profiles. Create multiple profiles for different set of users. The profiles can be assigned automatically from Sociable user registration page. 

User Points System

With the built-in user points system, reward users for being active on your website and encourage them with points.

Points rules and activities

Each type of activity such as posting status, photos, videos, group activity, events or login - can be awarded with points. We have bundled all required rules.

Extendible & Developer API

We integrated many known Joomla extensions along with Joomla content and user components. The points system can be extended to support any third party extension with simple plugin events.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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