We are glad to let our members know that all our extensions are fully compatible with the latest JomSocial 4 release. As you all might have already aware of, JomSocial released their big bang-fully rewritten JomSocial 4 release. The good news is it doesn't break any third party extensions API so all our extensions will continue to work flawless with JomSocial 4. Here is the quick recap of what all features we are integrating with JomSocial.

  • Avatar support: All our components along with Article Suggestion module/plugin support JomSocial avatars. Its one click configuration in your component options. Tested OK.
  • Profile linking: Again this is a one click configuration option which you enable. Few extensions automatically link profiles with the avatar selected, others provide exlcusive option to configure. Tested OK.
  • Points System: All our components support JomSocial points system. The components comes with built-in rules. All you need is enable points system in component options and click rule scan in JomSocial. Tested OK.
  • Activity Stream: All the component have integration for JomSocial activity stream. The integration is automatic and you do not need anything except choosing the option in component options. Tested OK.
  • Groups Integration: Community Surveys has this special integration. You can invite all users in a specific JomSocial user group to take your survey. Tested OK.

I would like to convey my special thanks to Paul from JomSocial for responding immediately to my request and provide access to the component which allowed me to quickly do the testing.

We hope you all take advantage of our extensions with the All-new JomSocial v4. All the best.