We are pleased to introduce the Community Quiz version v5 (beta). This is the complete rewrite to support Joomla 4. Following are the highlights of this release.

Introducing Courses

This is one of the most requested features for Community Quiz in the past and we are happy to deliver this feature in v5. Now you can create courses from the existing quizzes and allow users to respond and track their progress. A new courses dashboard allows users to see all their responses to the course and also let them download course certificate once the course is completed.

Note: Chained quiz feature is discontinued in favor of courses.

Joomla 4 Support

Now CQ supports Joomla 4. We retained all existing features of old version into this new version for Joomla 4. We added a new layout for Bootstrap 4 for frontend and backend support. If you are planning to upgrade your template to a template built on bootstrap 4, you are good to go.

Drag and Drop images to create image questions

We added the drag-and-drop feature for image type questions to create the answers on the fly. Just choose images and drag them into the question form. Of course, the old way of select images dialog box still works.

And many more features out of the box. Try the new version and let us know your feedback and suggestions. Please report any bugs to improve the extension further.