We have refreshed several corejoomla extensions this month and below is the short update.

Community Surveys: We introduced a new question type "URL Parameter (Hidden)" which can be used to take input from the survey URLs instead of the user entering the answers on the survey form. This will be useful in situations where you want to send survey URL to a set of users and want to record the same data from all of them. For example, if you would like to separate the group of users in your reporting and want to know which group a particular user response belongs to. We also fixed several bugs reported by our users on the forum.

Community Answers: We added the migration script for migrating questions from SM Faq extension and also fixed several bugs in this release.

Community Polls: This is a bug fix release and fixes issues reported on the forum. We also updated the custom module positions, please see the documentation wiki for more details.

GPS Tools: This is a bug fix release. We refreshed the extension with couple of feature requests and the fixes of bugs reported on the forum.