• Alias

    Hi Maverick,

    I have a problem with alias. Is no longer generated automatically by the alias of title track included, but for all tracks is generarata only written viewtrack and the track number. Why? The automatic alias was very helpful, now I have to inserted all alias.

    I lost even the placement of my tracks on Google because it has changed all URLs.

    Thanks in adance

  • I changed question alias, new url but old url still online. How come?

    Good morning.

    I changed a question's alias, so to have another url. I also set a 301 redirect from the old url to the new one.

    However, I noticed that the old url, to the same question, is still online and does not expire and therefore it doesn't redirect.

    If I change the alias to the question, how come the old url with the old alias is still online?