• Community Surveys plugin blank white pages

    Good day,

    I have JUST purchased the Community Surveys plugin (the $65 version), I have uploaded and installed it and straight away it doesn't work. It says the install was a success, but when you go into the back end and click on dashboard or surveys it just displays a blank white page. the only item that seems to work fine is categories.

    Please can you advise what might be causing this problem.



  • Error in Voting - Community Polls

    Dear Support.

    Kindly can you guide me how to fix the issues listed in the attached picture below.


  • How can comments be enabled?

    What do I do in the backend admin so that people can comment on posts we add using cjblog?

  • Mobile app

    On the Joomla web site, I am using Ignite Gallery  The web site is a image gallery, no other component is being used.


    Can I create a mobile app using your extn, for this web site.

  • New question type : free text but with a correct answer (without dropdown)

    Hello there,

    Could it be possible to have a free text as an answer with a correct answer, but without any dropdown list or any indication.

    For instance :

    Question : Translate CAT into french

    Answer : free text, if different of "chat" wrong answer, if it's correctly spelled, validate.


    Could also be presented as :

    Question : It's a..... day.

    Answer : beautiful.

    Maybe I'm missing something, but I could only present as a dropdown for answers, and I don't want to help that much !

    Thanks for your help.