• Community feedback email

    Good day,

    I am having difficulty getting the notification emails to display. At first the defaut functionality is to send responses/feedback as an embeded PDF. All I would like to do is disable the pdf and the email needs to come through as a normal test email with the results of the survey.

    Please advise 



  • Community Quiz - Email Purchase Notifications

    I have purchased the Community Quiz component (I do not understand why I could not select 'Post-Sales' as a category for this query).

    When a user Purchases access to a quiz, the information of the person/account is 'saved', and is then sent via email together with the quiz information to an administrator email once the purchased quiz has been submitted. This works as intended. See the example below:

    First name: xxx
    Last name: xxxxxxxx
    Email Address: xxx@
    Contact number: xxxxxxxxxx
    Country: South Africa
    Score: 7/15
    Quiz Failed

    However: once the user/account logs out and logs back in, and with this new session submits the same quiz, the user/account information is then not sent through via email as it did before. See the example below:

    First name: 
    Last name: 
    Email Address: 
    Contact number: 
    Score: 7/15
    Quiz Failed

    The user/account information must be included in all quiz submissions. How can this issue be solved?Thank you in advance for your support.Kind regards

  • community surveys email when completed

    Great and very simple app, Community Surveys, but I would idealy like to be able to customise the emails in the following ways.


    1. Email on completion of form to multiple company users addresses

    2. email sent to differnet people upon completion of the suvey depending on the region (if USA send email to xyz address, if Asia, send email to zyx)


    Is this something that ca be achieved?

  • Email notification to all registered users for every new poll created


    Could you please guide me through the steps to send email notifications to all registered users about the new poll created on the website as I am unable to find those deails in the documentation. Thanks.

    Community Poll version :4.4.4

    CJlib version :2.4.6



    I have the plugin - Community Quiz - Quizzes  published and selected to submit emails but not receiving any emails when quizes are filled out.

    Not sure what the problem is and looked everywhere.... Can I get assistance with this?

  • post information goes to people without the necessary access level

    That was embarrassing: I got a question from a guy who asked why he cannot open a post. He referred to a topic he had not the access level to read but he got informed about the topic automatically anyway even though it had an access level from the start he had no permission for.

    I would say that is a security breech. Could you fix this, please? Or is it a mistake in my configuration?