• Blank window when click on "Download your certificate"

    Clicking on "Download your certificate" button opens a new browser tab, and the resulting page is blank.

    I turned on error reporting to "development", and the following error codes were shown (note: hosting path info truncated to...) :

    Warning: require_once(.../public_html/components/com_cjlib/lib/tcpdf/config/lang/eng.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in .../public_html/components/com_communityquiz/helpers/tcpdf.php on line 11

    Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required '.../public_html/components/com_cjlib/lib/tcpdf/config/lang/eng.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php') in .../public_html/components/com_communityquiz/helpers/tcpdf.php on line 11

    I took a look in directory "/public_html/components/com_cjlib/lib/tcpdf/config/" and the "lang" folder is missing. The only thing in the config folder is "tcpdf_config.php".

    This is a brand new installation of pkg_cjlib_v2.8.3, pkg_communityquiz_v4.8.1

  • Consolidated PDF report

    Hello Maverick,

    I have seen various post that mention  reports on PDF format... but I can't find this option anywhere... I need to be able to genereta the consolidated report on PDF... is this posible?, how?



  • Easy way to view ONE response

    How can the survey author just look at one response and copy (or export data) to their own system? My customer needs to do this when someone answer a survey.

    I have not manage to get the system to send an email to the survey author (PDF attachment) is turned on. This maybe a solution, but this feature don't work.

  • PDF Consolidated Report Export Damaged

    When I view a survey's results, go to Consolidated Report, and click on the PDF export, it downloads a "report.pdf" file that is 1Kb everytime no matter what survey I'm exporting from, and when I try to open the PDF it says it is damaged.

    Community Surveys v4.2.3
    CjLib Component v2.5.0
    Joomla v3.6.4

    Any suggestions what may be going on?


  • PDF Output not working

    Just iinstalled and created first survey.

    Gathering responses works but trying to output to PDF (consolidated and repsonse reports) shows only a blank browser page. This happens in both Firefox and IE Explorer.