Point System

  • Point System: Integration with AUP

    Hi, Maverick,

    I have both CjForum and Community Surveys installed.  Since Community Surveys rely on AUP for points management, it would make sense to have points for CjForum on my site managed by AUP as well.  Could you please explain how this can be done?


  • Points Awarded based on number of Responses

    I would like to suggest a feature (fi it doesn't already exist)


    User is awarded 10 points for passing a quiz on response #1

    5 points for response #2

    1 point for response #3

    0 points for response #4 to whatever


    I like to the option to where the user is allowed multiple responses but i don't want to award them any points for retaking the same quiz over and over.   

    Then, i would suggest the option to turn off multiple responses, only if the user passes the quiz. 

  • Points for publishing and reading article


    I have the problem with the current 1.2.7 that when listing the points does not display the link and the title of the article, but only %1's.

    Regards Tom

  • Points to EasySocial


    I'm setting up my website to work with Community Surveys and EasySocial together. I can't configure properly the integration between the 2 extensions, if a survey is completed the user doesn't get the points. How do I have to proceed? Do I need additional plugins or rules and, if so, where I find them?

    This is what I've done so far:

    1) Community Surveys -> Options -> Integration -> User Points System -> EasySocial
    2) Survey foo -> Basic Options -> Points/Response -> 1000
    3) EasySocial -> User Points -> Explore -> Explore -> Checked /administrator/components/com_communitysurveys/easysocial.points · N rules installad. (I don't remember the precise number)
    4) Plugin -> Community Surveys - Surveys -> Points System -> Both New Survey and New Response enabled

    Thank you.