• Always show results after voting


    If a user has voted, the results are shown. Once the user reloads the page or leaves the page and returns, the results are gone and the poll is shown again.

    This does not make sence, if the user can vote just once. So he does not need the poll anymore, but the results instead.

    Is there a setting for this?


    Thank you!



  • Final Score at Top & Skip Intro

    Hello again Maverick,

    I'd like to place the score of a quiz at the top of the results page.

    I've tried the steps on this topic ( but such paths and files are no longer in the newest version. ¿How can I place it?

    Another question is, how can I skip the intro? The problem is that every time I switch the value of "Show Intro" into "Hide", after saving, the parameter automatically is turned off.

    Thank you for your help.

  • How to make a quiz with no wrong answers?


    We're creating a series of 'quiz' questions with 4 possible answers each and feedback on each question; about the environment. They should select only 1 anwer but any of the answers are acceptable, i.e. there are no wrong answers.

    We are using Comminity Quiz rather than Community Survey because we want to give feedback on each question. 

    I am using the Standard Quiz, with Single Selection (radio) style questions. The problem we are having is that at the end of the quiz every question has "Your answer to this question is incorrect or incomplete."  written below it. I have tried not marking any answers as 'Correct' but we still see this message. Incidentally, I also tried the Multiple Selection (Checkbox) type (and only allowing one answer but with all answers marked as Correct) but this then puts "Missed" next to the other 3 answers they didn't choose and displays the same message.

    Is there some way to allow any answer to be selected using radio-type questions but not have it tell the user that the answer was wrong or incomplete at the end? 

    I found an old forum post from 8 years ago where you provided some code but wanted to check if you have added the option into the settings and I just can't find it? 



  • I put voting on for a specific time and time.

    I put voting on for a specific time and time. What else can I set so that after a certain time it is not possible to vote? I would like only the results to be shown after the vote. Is it possible? What else do I need to set?

  • Results not working


      I just upgraded and my results do not show at all.  Also when it was working before the upgrade it showed the surveys and after taking the survey i saw the results but it should show just results not making me take it first.  Please help me thanks.

  • Show results after Voting End date


    I've installed Comunity polls on my Joomla 3.48 site.
    I have set the permission settings, so that guests can vote on my polls.
     Works perfect.

    But if I set a Voting End Date in the past for old polls,
    then guests, normal registeres Users or even Super Users can't see the results anymore.

    What is the correct setting to stop voting for a poll,
    but still show the old results.

    Thanks & Regards