• "Start a topic" does not display


    The "Start a topic" button does not display in the Forum bar, unless you give the user Create permissions for the categories (which I don't want).  


  • [SOLVED] AcyMailing plugin not interpreted


    Using AcyMailing Pro, I indeed have the "Survey" tag button.

    After clicking on it, I get the tag in the newsletter. For example

    {LOADSURVEY ["id": 9]}

    The problem is that the receiver gets the same tag and not the link to the survey

  • [SOLVED] Upgrade from 3 to 4.4 made surveys to disappear


    After upgrading from 3. something (uptodate) to 4.4 i still find the categories, but no surveys.

    Where have they gone? How can i recover them?

    I, of course, have a backup.


  • Again: Please Wait

    Hi there,

    another case of "please wait" and nothing happens. I searched the forums and could find a lot of threads, but with no answers except for installing the latest version of Community Surves and CoreJoomla Framework API Library. Which I did.
    API: Version: 2.7.1

    This is what I get on the console(?):

    cj.surveys.min.js?v=4.6.3:86 Uncaught TypeError: form.find(...).sortable is not a function
        at Object.CjSurveyApi.loadResponsePageComponents (cj.surveys.min.js?v=4.6.3:86)
        at Object.CjSurveyApi.onAfterSaveResponse (cj.surveys.min.js?v=4.6.3:940)
        at Object.CjSurveyApi.onAfterCreateResponse (cj.surveys.min.js?v=4.6.3:836)
        at Object.CjSurveyApi.executeFunctionByName (cj.surveys.min.js?v=4.6.3:1503)
        at Object.success (cj.surveys.min.js?v=4.6.3:1474)
        at Object.t.success (jquery.form.min.js:22)
        at c (jquery-1.10.2.min.js:4)
        at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery-1.10.2.min.js:4)
        at k (jquery-1.10.2.min.js:6)
        at XMLHttpRequest.r (jquery-1.10.2.min.js:6)

    I guess every site is a special case. Anybody here to help me out on this?


  • corejoomlaquiz / easysocial / stream actvity = SOLVED



    1/ i use CJQUIZ and easysocial


    2/my QUIZ is open to GUEST


    3/when GUEST passed, failed, there are activity on the stream.

    GUEST = Z on activity stream (see picture1)


    4/ i do not want that GUEST actvity appear on stream, only MEMBERS


    5/ is it possible ?

    (i want the QUIZ stay OPEN to GUEST BUT NOT appear on activity stream on easysocial)

  • Edit own topic permission

    Owners can edit their topics only if the Edit permission is allowed.
    Edit own is not enough.
    Is it by design?

  • Error when displaying topic

    Whenever I open a topic I get:

    Warning: implode(): Invalid arguments passed in /web/htdocs/domain/home/components/com_cjlib/lib/corejoomla/html.php on line 51

    The topic is selected by a tag menu. 

    Otherwise the topics seem fine.


  • Facebook login


    I'm trying to locate the relevant documentation to implement social login (namely Facebook) in CjForum.
    Couldn't find much in the wiki.


  • FB Valid OAuth redirect URIs for cjforum

    What is a valid  OAuth redirect URI suitable for the login FB app?

    The example templale

    doesn't seem to work ("URL Blocked: This redirect failed because the redirect URI is not whitelisted in the app’s Client OAuth Settings. Make sure Client and Web OAuth Login are on and add all your app domains as Valid OAuth Redirect URIs.")


    (I've tried with/without www, index.php et c. )


  • Forum bar does not display


    when showing a list of topics grouped with tagged items menu, the bar (Forum, Discover, My Stuff et c.) does not display, unless you open a topic.



  • Grouping topics by tags


    I need to structure the forum using the (joomla!) tags, as added by the users to the topics.

    In the Dashboard I see the usual options to add categories.
    However. I want to group topics by tags, not categories.
    In Joomla! you use Tags Menu to group articles, how do I use tags to group topics?


  • import quiz - solved


    1- i create a quiz (single selection) with HTMLin the question description ( i insert picture in my quiz) and HTML in answer explanation.

    2-i export this quiz in my desktop (so i have an .XML file)

    3-i import in the same website the .XML file, the HTML has disapper.



  • installation fail [solved]


    1-i have first install "community quiz" but i have an sql error

    2-i have read that i have to install CJlib first...that  i did it

    (CJlib appear in my component)

    3-i try to install again community quiz but i have an error (see pic)

    4-community quiz did not appear in component ( i have clear the cache)

    sorry but i am not an native english-speaker



  • Language and version4

    Hello and thanks for this great program,

    I first installed the beta version,  in the front end when I say that I have a GPX file, it does not give me the icon to upload the file, and in the back end, I have the icon, but when I upload the file I have an error.

    So I installed version 3.8, and there everything seems to work fine, but I installed the french language, but it stay always in english, do I need to actived it somewhere?



  • Locking a topic

    How can a user (or moderator) lock a topic so that no further posting is allowed?

    (without requiring the admin to set permissions, that is)

  • message "please wait" still stay on screen - SOLVED

    hello, i used corejoomlaquiz.

    1st problem on my test-site 

    1/ everything was working on front end

    2/but today , the message "please wait" still stay on screen on front end

    3/ you have said in forum that it could be a ajax conflict

    4/i have update joomla in 3.8.1

    5/i send u a message with login

    2nd problem on my production site

    1/ i cannot modify question

    question are with HTML

    question have been imported by super-user

    if i try to modify in back-end then, i have the message "please wait"

    i have turn-off editor mode but the change is not saved


    joomla is 3.7.2


  • Preselecting category


    I don't want to use categories.

    But the users are required to input one when creating a topic.

    I could carry on with a default global category, such as 'uncategorized'.

    Ideally I would leave it blank, but if not possible, how do I set the default category so that the user finds it already selected?
    It's pretty annoying each time to open the drop-down dialog and select the (unique) category.  


  • Selecting pm recipient requires permission

    It seems that, to select the recipient of a PM, the group must be entitled of Access Administration Interface.
    Otherwise he gets a 403 error.

  • Typography problems with Surveys

    Our website is

    It's using the theme Helix Ultimate 1.0.3.

    Since I installed CJSurveys, the site has lost it's typography settings from the HUltimate settings in the backend.

    I can't say that CJSurveys have caused this, it's just that the headings changed right after install.

    I'm not sure where to try and address this, I have reinstalled HUltimate, no change.

    Thank you.

    (I've searched for a solution, but no luck).

  • Unable to trash topics


    the topic remains listed, even if trashed.

    I've found a thread that talks about the problem:

    Is the fix available?