submit not working

  • Cannot submit survey results or get a loadmodule to work



    I have a couple of issues. I have installed latest Community Surveys and cjlib:


    1. I can't seem to find a multi-selct list when creating a new field type (also, is there an option to set it as a multi-select dropdown list as I have a large number of options and it currently goes on and on down the page - this multi-select will have even more entries over time)

    2. When a visitor tries to thake the survey, and click on Submit, it does nothing (some javascript errors appear in gchrome elements: 

    jquery.min.js cj.surveys.min.js)

     3. I am trying to insert an acymailing subscribe module within the survey - I followed your advice from a previous support request and created a rich text editor field then added {loadmodule, mymodule} - this just displays the tag and a text box. I have now installed nonumber modules anywhere and loaded the acymailing module within the rich text editor, but again it just dispaly the tag text.


    Can you help me? 

  • Error in Voting - Community Polls

    Dear Support.

    Kindly can you guide me how to fix the issues listed in the attached picture below.