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Bissell 9595a vs Shark Navigator NV352: Which is the better upright vacuum?

For most homeowners, finding the right vacuum cleaner has always been a difficult task considering the number of products that are currently on the market. Things are especially difficult when you have so many choices, with features that you don’t even know how to operate.

Hence, it’s recommended that you do some research before choosing your next product. There’s no better way to do this than to take a look at our vacuum cleaner reviews. With in-depth analysis and comprehensive evaluations, you can get your hands on the best vacuum cleaners on the market .

Still, even with the best of products being presented to you, you need to consider one final thing before making your purchase. It’s about the important features and aspects of the vacuum that you, personally, would find interesting.

To help you with this, we’ll be giving you a complete comparison of the two best-selling vacuum cleaners in the budget category: the Bissell 9595a and the Shark Navigator NV352. Here, you’ll find out all about their features and discover, between Bissell and Shark, which is the better brand?

What to expect in your upright vacuum

First, you should know a little bit about how to choose your upright vacuum so you can make the most practical decision.

The cleaning surfaces

The reason why people often choose upright vacuum cleaners is that they’re more convenient to work with. Unlike with canister vacuums, you won’t have to bend down just to vacuum your carpets or hard floors.

In addition, with a large and powerful cleaner head, your upright vacuum can easily collect, in a single sweep, the dust and dirt that are hidden inside your thick carpets. On top of that, the vacuums come with attachments that you can use to clean multiple types of floors and surfaces, just like with canister vacs.


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Bagged or bagless

Most of today’s upright vacuums come with a dirt tank instead of a dust bag. This makes the vacuuming and emptying of dust a lot easier and less expensive because you don’t need to purchase new bags.

And with the HEPA filtration technology being applied on the new upright vacs, you won’t need to worry about dust being redispensed into the air.

Corded or cordless

Generally speaking, your corded vacuum will have relatively better performance than its cordless counterparts. This is quite natural because you can’t expect to power up better motors with just batteries. To make up for this, manufacturers need to put higher-quality motors into their vacuums. This, in turn, makes the prices on cordless vacuums go up significantly. Hence, if you care more about performance and price than portability, you should go for the corded upright vacuums.


Finally, because your upright vacuum also comes with a detachable hose for versatile vacuuming purposes, you’ll need certain attachments to help with cleaning. While you don’t need many attachments compared to canister vacs, your upright vacuum will still need basic tools like the crevice tool, dusting tool, and so on.

Our comparison of the Bissell 9595a and Shark Navigator NV352

Now that you know what to expect in your upright vacuum, it’s recommended that you take a look at our our Bissell 9595a and Shark Navigator NV352 reviews. With all the recorded information, we will then give you a complete comparison of the two based on the important features. We hope this will help you find a more suitable product for your particular needs.


Both of the vacuums perform relatively well on the carpet cleaning test thanks to the included motorized brushes on the cleaner head. This ensures that you can collect all the dust and debris that is hiding under your thick carpet.

However, when it comes to hard floors, the Bissell 9595a performs a little less impressively with the brush roller, sometimes pushing dust backward instead of into the suction hole. On the other hand, the adjustable height on the cleaner head allows the Bissell vacuum to vacuum larger debris, which has always been a problem with upright vacuums.

As for other surfaces, like walls, upholstery, or sofa, both of the vacuums tend to deliver great results thanks to the complete attachment kits.


Being a product in the Navigator lineup from Shark, the NV352 features the unique swivel steering technology. This allows users to move their vacuums around the house relatively easily because all they need to do is turn the handle.

As for the Bissell 9595a, you’ll encounter the same problem as with other upright vacuums, which is turning and steering. It’ll have no problem delivering a straight run over your carpets but you’ll need to lift it up to aim it in a new direction, which is quite annoying.

In addition, the Shark NV352 features the lift-away functionality, which allows you to turn your upright vacuum into a canister vacuum in a matter of seconds. This makes the vacuum extremely versatile when you need to clean difficult places like stairs, under furniture, and more.

Additional features

Both vacuum cleaners feature a detachable dirt tank with decent capacity and the cyclone vacuum technology that prevents dust and hair from being clogged up inside. This maintains good suction power throughout the cleaning process.

In addition, with a completely sealed dirt tank and HEPA filter, the Shark Navigator NV352 ensures that your air will stay clean.

On the other hand, the Bissell 9595a features a washable foam filter, which is quite impressive. In most cases, we recommend that you purchase an additional HEPA filter for better air quality.


The Bissell 9595a offers consumers the unbeatable price of only slightly over $100. For this price, you’ll get a decent vacuum that can do most cleaning jobs with ease.

With the Shark Navigator NV352, while you’ll need to go up to the under-$200 price range, you’ll also have access to useful features like the lift-away design and the smart swivel steering.

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Final thoughts


Above is our opinion regarding the Bissell 9595a and Shark Navigator NV352. Hope you find it informative and thanks for reading.


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