()BUG) Improve the updating of Topics after reply deletion
I notice that If replies are added and then deleted, the TOPIC doesn't get updated in its "last_reply" and "Modified_by" fields! These should be updated when an asmin comes along and unpublishes/trashes/permanently deletes a reply from the...
Under Review MICHAEL WALKER CjForum Comments (0) 3 weeks ago

Modify ad
Technically not a feature request, but still important in my opinion. I suggest to modify the CjForum ad (e.g. in the official Joomla! Extensions directory) that currently says:" One click signup and login process using Facebook, Google, Twitter...

Topic form object
I suggest to develop a suitable object of type Topic form.The Topic form menu item straight from the component is pretty handy, but sometimes you need an addressable object.For example I rely heavily on the List of tagged items menu items, and, of...