Drag and drop multiple attached files
How can we add batch attached files to the forum, ie drag and drop multiple attached files (and not one by one like now)?It would be a great service and it would be much more practical.
Planned Salix CjForum Comments (0) 12 months ago

standard access level of themes in Options
As I have written in a post I suggest to implement a dropdown menu in the settings, where the administrator can choose the standard access level for posts among the access levels existing on his page
New Holger Hinkelmann CjForum Comments (0) 5 months ago

Restrict sending private messages only to Admin and others to reply
The PM system works fine as it is But I would like to add the option to restrict it to "Only Super-Admin can send, Any user can reply to PM from Super-Admin". So that means hiding the PM icon (seen in the profile block, and at the top of some...
New MICHAEL WALKER CjForum Comments (0) one year ago

AcyMailing integration of CJForum
I saw there is a Acy-Mailing plugin for CJBlog. It would be great if posts from CJForum could be inserted/linked in AcyMailing, too.
New Holger Hinkelmann CjForum Comments (0) 4 months ago