Drag and drop multiple attached files
How can we add batch attached files to the forum, ie drag and drop multiple attached files (and not one by one like now)?It would be a great service and it would be much more practical.
Planned Salix CjForum Comments (0) 3 months ago

()BUG) Improve the updating of Topics after reply deletion
I notice that If replies are added and then deleted, the TOPIC doesn't get updated in its "last_reply" and "Modified_by" fields! These should be updated when an asmin comes along and unpublishes/trashes/permanently deletes a reply from the...
Under Review MICHAEL WALKER CjForum Comments (0) 3 weeks ago

Hiding all data
I suggest to hide all inside data (profile, activity, topics et c. et c.) from public access, even from deep links, scans or crawl. Also, the default configuration should be set this way. The administrator will expose the data if and when he will...

Restrict sending private messages only to Admin and others to reply
The PM system works fine as it is But I would like to add the option to restrict it to "Only Super-Admin can send, Any user can reply to PM from Super-Admin". So that means hiding the PM icon (seen in the profile block, and at the top of some...
New MICHAEL WALKER CjForum Comments (0) 5 months ago

New replies should bring you to the first unread reply
Right now you will be directed to the last new reply in a thread. It would be great if one gets redirected to the first new reply when a thread as multiple new replies.   Thanks.
Planned J van der Zon CjForum Comments (0) 2 years ago

Configurable default sorting in Users Listing menu
In  CJForum in the menu item for Users Listing - the default sort for it is "Posts descending". This could be made configurable so that Super User of the system can choose the default sort.
New Anil Dagia CjForum Comments (0) 3 months ago

Modify ad
Technically not a feature request, but still important in my opinion. I suggest to modify the CjForum ad (e.g. in the official Joomla! Extensions directory) that currently says:" One click signup and login process using Facebook, Google, Twitter...

Restoring Single topic menu item
I suggest to restore the Single topic menu item.It can be useful in some context. For example I list all tools to engage in the forum (that is other than browsing and commenting) in a List tagged items menu item. These include articles, forms,...
New Vincenzo Praturlon CjForum Comments (0) 4 months ago

Extended subscritions
I suggest to extend the subscrition model to include whole categories and / or tags. These days users are used to get actively involved, and they hardly browse the forum by themselves looking for new topics of interest. It could be implemented by...
New Vincenzo Praturlon CjForum Comments (1) 4 months ago

Topic form object
I suggest to develop a suitable object of type Topic form.The Topic form menu item straight from the component is pretty handy, but sometimes you need an addressable object.For example I rely heavily on the List of tagged items menu items, and, of...

Social (FB) login module
Since CJforum supports social login, I suggest to develop a suitable Joomla! module to provide the user a login form.The scenario would be the following: - the user logins his social network in the browser - the user opens a new tab in the same...
New Vincenzo Praturlon CjForum Comments (1) 4 months ago