finer control over page features

I would like to get rid of the Forum "Search box" on the Searchbar, as  it is not that useful for our users.

The problem is, when Ii set the Topics | Show Searchbar to OFF, it removes the whole div, including the (USEFUL!) Jump To Forum dropdown!


I would like to KEEP the 'Jump to Forum' dropdown, and REPLACE the existing Search box with a copy of the topic Pagination ( found only at the bottom). Many of our threads have dozens of pages, and when you go to one it's a bit tedious to have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page, before yer able to jump to the last topic page, where the newest information is...


So, it would be great to be able to have pagination at both the top and the bottom... Ideally, situated where the search box is now

MICHAEL WALKER shared this idea  .  4 years ago
Maverick commented  .  4 years ago

Implemented this feature in v3.2.3.

MICHAEL WALKER commented  .  4 years ago

Hi! I see in the latest version there is the option to turn off the "Jump to forums".


But Jump to forums is only available when "Show searchbar" is enabled...


I REALLY need an extra option to turn off the "SEARCH BOX" - is that hidden somewhere?

Need to put pagination where the Search box is now, and disable the searchbox forever ( our users do not like it as it doesnt work as they would expect...)


Anyway for us having a copy of Pagination near top of the page is VITAL!!!

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