More control over the header?

We do not use "Activity stream". 

So the "View Your Activity" link in the header is redundant and confusing to users.

Right now I have edited it out in the /components/com_cjforum/layouts/default/header.php ( Lines 36-38)

But I have to re-edit every time there is an update. (I had made some layout override, but I recently had to delete that as it was breaking something in the previous release).


Can we have a switch for hiding this in the control panel ( or better yet, perhaps just have it magically disappear when "Activity Stream System" is set to 'None' in the Topic Manager Options | Integration tab?? )



MICHAEL WALKER shared this idea  .  4 years ago
Maverick commented  .  4 years ago

Following new options added in v3.3.0.

- Show/Hide Activity Stream
- Show/Hide My Reputation
-Show/Hide Forum Members

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