Possibility of user to set invisibility

Hello Maverick, 

I got a remark from one of the users of our CJForum that she did not like that when she logs on to the site, that then her screen-name is visible on the forum. Now personally I think that this is more a feature then a privacy issue, as you can choose your screen-name, so you can create your own privacy, but maybe she has a point, let's not judge that. 

So it would be nice for a user to have a possibility in his/hers profile that says "invisible", which would render the screen-name of the user as to be invisible in the Who is Online. (I know this works equally like this in the BBForum software).

That would mean that the user in below example would not read 'caroline' but e.g. 'invisible'. Of course this for the common users, the superusers still should be able to see who exactly is on line, so the superuser still should see 'caroline' in the list of who is online.

I do think it should be seen that a user has set its profile to invisible, so as a user of the forum you can see that you are not alone on the forum. 

Do you think that it would be possible to create this? I do not know how difficult this would be. 



J van der Zon shared this idea  .  5 years ago
Maverick commented  .  4 years ago

This feature development is completed. User will be able to set his/her nick name in the profile. The nick name will be shown on all places including online users, statistics, leaderboard, users listing page, topics listing, topic details view, activity page etc.

The feature will be available in CjForum v3.3.0.

J van der Zon commented  .  4 years ago

This request is already very old, just like a number of my other requests. 

I do understand that you are busy, but can you give me an idea on where it is on the release list, as it seems to have been accepted? 

I get it that it is more or less senseless, as indeed in the posts you can see who posts. The better thing would be for this user to create a nickname. 



Maverick commented  .  5 years ago

It may workout in the who is online. However, there are many places such as forum posts, replies, activities and so on. And if you allow invisibility for all such things, it would become another issue beside a huge bunch of changes which are not needed.

So I will be restricting this feature request to who is online block only.

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