Report a posting to administrator/moderator

I would like to have the option for logged in users to report a message to the administrators/moderators, with some space for explanation, and/or option buttons to categorize the report (spam, offensive, commercial etcetera). A thank you note should be shown for the user when the report has been send.

For the administrator(s)/moderator(s) who receive such reports, they should be able to reply to the user if they wish to do so.

In the backend the admin should be able to configure if such reports go to a specific forum administrator(s) or moderator(s), or to a specific email address, and they should be send immediately.



J van der Zon shared this idea  .  5 years ago
Maverick commented  .  5 years ago

Added this feature in v3.1.2, hence closing this request.

Martin Mueller commented  .  5 years ago

Devinitly Needed

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