SPAM control...

I see there are currently some "flood controls"...

what we need rather more urgently are SPAM controls.


In other words, the ability to check brand new users to make sure they are not Forum Spammers.

Right now our live site  forum lets us 'hold for approval' the first two posts that a "new to the forums" user makes.

Moderator gets an email with a link, and they can release the post for public consumption.

Once the moderator has approved one of these posts, all subsequent posts by that user are allowed to go public 'as per normal'.

We have been getting a rash of new signups by forum spammers, and they seem to always try to do two posts. Once I discover one, I disable their joomla account and ban them :)

( and then permanently delete their spam post(s)... )

While its nice to get the email notifications, IDEALLY, the backend admin interface should have a handy list of the Currently Quaranteened users ( and their 'held' posts) for quicker and easier processing...

It's been up and down, but the previous few weeks we see up to five of these would-be spammers posting their 'would-be-spam' every day... Some of them seem to sign up weeks in advance, before attenpting posts. There must be a lot of lazy and unethical crooks in the world, because our user signup process is so obtuse and awkward I am pretty sure these are not bots navigating it... ( perhaps they are bots doing the posting, but not the signup...)

MICHAEL WALKER shared this idea  .  6 years ago
Maverick commented  .  4 years ago

The development of this feature is completed. The feature will be available in CjForum v3.3.0.

J van der Zon commented  .  6 years ago

Hi Michael, 

on our forum we are using Spam Protect Factory, that works quite good, and then Maverick does not have to invent the wheel again. 



MICHAEL WALKER commented  .  6 years ago

Actually, this feature is not so high-profile for me now...

I just noticed that spammers can be programatically locked out with a CommunityBuilder plugin:  https://www.joomlapolis.com/documentation/291-cb-auto-actions/tutorials/18810-blocking-kunena-forum-spammers ... I assume I can adapt this to CjForum pretty easily 

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