Improve and refine CA Top Users Module

Good morning,
Since we're approaching the new release of Community Answers, I'd like to suggest some new features for the module "Community Answers Top Users".

I'd suggest to have the possibility to

  • prevent some of the users from showing up in the module,  ideally based on the user group they belong to.
  • Second, that would be also good to have the possibility to click on the users listed in the module  and see his/her answers or discussions where he/she contributed with his/her answers.
  • Lastly, that would be good that clicking on the user, maybe his/her name or photo or elsewhere, one would be able to see a particular article, maybe to selected via a tag or by manually setting a a href  from the backoffice. 

Is there any chance we can see these features added to the module? is yes, when?

Thank you

Have a good day everybody.

VinnieVinnie shared this idea  .  5 months ago
Vinnie commented  .  4 months ago

Good morning,

the suggestion got accepted but with the new release the module doesn't show any additional feature.

Am I wrong? Is there any chance we could see those new features implemented?


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