New module for adin dashboard
Would it be a good idea if we have a new statistic module for the dashboard: number of questions, number of answers, number of comments, number of users, and the same for the last 3-5 days. I 'd like to see a karma in the Top Users module...
New Antar Community Answers Comments (0) one year ago

Avatar from slogin
Good afternoon! Please consider supporting avatars for the Slogin component. This will be convenient for those who do not store users personal information on the site. Authorization on the site occurs via the Slogin component of social networks....
In Progress Yevgeny Community Answers Comments (1) one year ago

Can users have a signature?
Good morning, I'd suggest any user could have a signature, with the possibility to put some link in it; like in the forum. So that everytime someone replies a question the signature shows up at the end of the answer.
Under Review Vinnie Community Answers Comments (1) one year ago

Improve and refine CA Top Users Module
Good morning, Since we're approaching the new release of Community Answers, I'd like to suggest some new features for the module "Community Answers Top Users". I'd suggest to have the possibility to prevent some of the users from showing up in...
Accepted Vinnie Community Answers Comments (1) 2 years ago