More "Transparent" viewing of votes on front-end
I'm using Community Polls for a Board of Directors w/20 or so members. Votes among this group are not meant to be hidden, but rather visible to the other members. I'd like to display votes as they are happening, on the front end and somehow...
Accepted Marc Community Polls Comments (0) 7 months ago

Send voting results to e-mail after voting
Community Polls. Is it possible to send voting results to e-mail after voting, e.g. the main admin's address? It should send the title, number of voters, who for and who against. You can add this functionality. I guess. that it will be very useful.
Accepted Verall Sp.j. Community Polls Comments (0) 5 months ago

Hide Code for embed code option
Hi, The default option for the embed code is to display it.  Given that the vast majority of users will not have their own website and are more looking for social sharing options, I would suggest hiding that code and using a button instead....
Accepted Peter Gales Community Polls Comments (0) one year ago

Add exclusive option for choosing more than one
I have a usecase where there are several options to be voted on, User can choose up to a set number. However among the options is "none of the above". When we use paper ballots if you choose none of the above AND chose other options the ballot is...
New Richard Edgar Community Polls Comments (0) 2 years ago