Warnings for Duration Time
Incorporate one or two visual and or audio warning settings for the Quiz Duration timer. The setting could be a 'percentage remaining' of the total duration time set, to activate the warning(s). Steve - Adelaide,Australia
New Steve Lisk Community Quiz Comments (0) Yesterday

Joomla privacy tool integration
Hi, actually this could be a suggestion for your other extensions, but take it as it is... Storing ip addresses of respondents without control is a risky practice since GDPR privacy rule (and CCPA of California and Russia privacy federal law) does...
New Guido Community Quiz Comments (0) 4 days ago

Profile Section
I've been following you for about 5 years. The biggest shortcoming in my opinion is the lack of its own profile part. Community Quiz must has own profile section.  A complete web site can installed with Commynity quiz, if it has own profile...
Under Review arif Community Quiz Comments (0) 2 years ago