option to see only failed questions
At the end of the quiz, it is good if there is possible to choose report for only failed questions. This gives opportunity for users get a feedback, but limit the possibility to share all questions with other colleagues or friends. Thank You

Warnings for Duration Time
Incorporate one or two visual and or audio warning settings for the Quiz Duration timer. The setting could be a 'percentage remaining' of the total duration time set, to activate the warning(s). Steve - Adelaide,Australia
New Steve Lisk Community Quiz Comments (0) 3 months ago

Joomla privacy tool integration
Hi, actually this could be a suggestion for your other extensions, but take it as it is... Storing ip addresses of respondents without control is a risky practice since GDPR privacy rule (and CCPA of California and Russia privacy federal law) does...
Planned Guido Community Quiz Comments (0) 3 months ago

Profile Section
I've been following you for about 5 years. The biggest shortcoming in my opinion is the lack of its own profile part. Community Quiz must has own profile section.  A complete web site can installed with Commynity quiz, if it has own profile...
Under Review arif Community Quiz Comments (0) 2 years ago