Joomla privacy tool integration

Hi, actually this could be a suggestion for your other extensions, but take it as it is...

Storing ip addresses of respondents without control is a risky practice since GDPR privacy rule (and CCPA of California and Russia privacy federal law) does not allow them to be archived without consent and/or a stated erasing date, my suggestion would be an easy way to comply with the rule:

- keeping the responses stats anonymized or pseudonimized (= changing by default some IP digits)
- A control to hide/not store some personal info about users'systems
- giving data stored an expiration date
- integrate with Joomla functions to keep track of users'actions

Joomla's got a privacy tool suite, adhering to which should be the norm for extensions accepting info from visitors:
there's also docs for developers

Thank you again for your great work


GuidoGuido shared this idea  .  one month ago
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